The casefiles of Razmus Edward Downe

A collection of rants, gripes, notes and conspirtorial danger in the life of a wannabe detective.

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day 59: Last day

It was my last day here in tokyo, and it seems I wasn't the only one who kept busy the night before.I learned about it from Hikaru in the middle of one of our sparring matches- her mind wasn't really focusing on it, so I tried the "want to talk about it?" angle.

According to her story, the others were called to the residence Hikaru's grandfather about an hour after I left to patrol, train and look for the Bootlegs of me that were supposidly here in Japan
. Wild Rider woke up from the concussion that Hikaru beat into him and the answer of why he looked like an older version of Hikaru's brother, Ryo, was given.

He was Ryo from the future.

I didn't want to hear any of it, as all of it could be a engineered plot to get us complacent. Perseus seems to be capable of alot of things, and bringing us a false prophet of "calamities" seems right up their alley. Hikaru seemed to be unsure about the whole thing as well so I came up with a method much like the old game "Telephone" to truely test if the man was who he said he was. I told Hikaru to tell her little brother Ryo something, tell him to remember it and then write it down, placing it in an envelope and giving it to someone else so they can talk to "future" Ryo, and see if he'd give the correct phrase. Seems he passed with flying colors and Hikaru told me about the future.

Boy is it a zinger.

2 years from now, everyone on the team is dead. Except for me, where I go crazy and destroy the world and
Future Ryo used parts from several systems to become Wild Rider, then going back in time to assassinate me.

There's too many holes in the story for it to be believable. Ryo just says that the group dies. I find it hard to believe that Ryo wouldn't know how his only sister passed away- did she drown, slip on a bar of soap, poisoned, shot, vaporized?
Second, if he was going to assassinate me, the so-called trigger of doomsday, why the big show at the memorial? He did have bad blood with Hikaru, and so that's why they fought but it still doesn't make sense if his objective was me and not her. She didn't seem to be taking it well... and I don't blame her. I tried to console her a little on how she acts towards me when I'm upset, but it didn't work since I'm really bad at the "share your feelings" thing right now.

While my test proved he is from another time than my own, it doesn't test for mind control, copies or any other signs of foul play. I also couldn't see him considering where he was being held and my "race". I made a comment about that to Hikaru, and it made her obviously upset. Well sorry princess, what else do you call it when you're judged and punished strictly due to suspected heritage? I don't mind if I pissed you off after I DID something. You can take a fair swing at me, but just telling me outright I'll be shot on sight just reeks of stupid. They are welcome to their own opinion, and unless they're actively trying to kick my ass, I won't take the time to kick theirs.

Also, I spent a bit of time with Hikaru after finding out Suzuka was sick, and we went to visit her. I'm still keeping my word about not telling Hikaru about Suzuka's transfer to Stanford, but one thing I can count on is Hikaru's intellegence. Hikaru saw shipping boxes, labled to the US and got no word from her friend. I think she can put two and two together on this one. Sam was making a big ass out of himself, as usual, and snookered me to play psychic cards with him after wrestling with a water dummy on Hikaru's roof. Also, Glen said he needed to take off back to the US a day early, and couldn't tell us why. "No Secrets Policy" my ass.

The day ended with the remainder of the group going to a local festival, and after sneaking out of the haunted house exhibit where I was kept for several hours without compensation, I played at the target range winning a few prizes before meeting back with Hikaru and watching the fireworks, telling her about my second favorite holiday- 4th of July. She nailed down my first (Halloween. What can't you love about a day with great costumes, presents, friends and free snacks at every door?) and it was just a nice relaxing moment watching things blow up, which took my mind off of how the trip to Japan was pretty much a big waste of time. I never found my objectives and only seemed to get worse and worse.

Which may explain why I was so quiet on the flight home. I'm on my way now back there, and I know I'll be busy with cleaning up the facility and my court case. I guess detective work isn't all just fist fights and night club rendevous with jumpy witnesses.
-Razmus Edward Downe

(Hikaru's side of the story)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 58b: breaking the news over your head.

Today is the last day of my visit in Japan, and tomorrow I leave for San Fran again with most of the others, except for Glen (see below)

Last night after Victory Rider said her introduction piece to the world, most of it being in japanese, but gave the jist of it in english: She was Megarider's daughter and she'd continue the family business (Which is another thing we have in common) but would work mostly in the US under the ever sagging bloodshot eyes of Dynamo. She left by teleporting the Wild Rider we faced to the ship, while the rest of us were left in a sea of press.

I changed my appearance slightly for a "showy" look, and then bought the others a little time to take off while I answered The Media. I learned a few things out of that:

1. I NEED to come up with an alias. I never thought of it, but to be honest, how many people would think that "Raz" or "Razmus" is my real name? Still, the names I came up with sounded too damn hokey and not too "me".
Nocturne? Twilight? Wild Knight?
Lame lame lame lame...

2. Most of those guys in the press don't know when they crossed the line: They tried the "monday morning quarterback" thing with me, throwing loaded questions on if my actions were justified in taking down the cargo plane and stopping soldiers from attacking innocents from the ground. I think he was just bitter that he didn't get some more carnage for the 10 o'clock news. Pulitzers, I hear, are not rewarded for non-news.

3. Glen's too good at this. He saved my bacon and played to the crowd. I think it's fun to show off, but considering the people I met, they need kicks to the grills, not more stock footage of people flying without the aid of an aircraft.

So once everyone got back safe and sound, that Monk friend of Jack who was in the base and disolved through our floor, came over while we were out. Jack was dancing around the question, and I wanted to take it out on someone after that media fiasco. The jist is that I was right all this time- He's been a plant for a similar project set up by the Catholic Church. He "claims" that he's on the side of tollerance, but I've dealt enough with those guys to know I'm going to be tollerated by them once I'm dead. I'm not terribly worried about him, because I can kick his ass any day of the week and I hope he brings his A-game with him when he decides to fire the first
Glen quickly made a rule of "No Secrets from the group" and I threw down a few of mine as a peace offering... not sure if it made any difference, but I hope the girl who was Al to my Sam Beckett isn't involved with Perseus.

I decided to take off after that and began to patrol and train my abilities and skills, this time taking advantage of Japan's infamous bath houses:

I tried disguising as a girl.
It worked but it's not easy, you walk kinda funny at first and I couldn't concentrate on most anything else... so it was more like I looked like "if I was a girl" than "some girl you've never met". The inside of those places are like a YMCA, and while there were some perks (and HOW!) to this infiltration training, I had trouble keeping up the ruse after 20 minutes. I did notice some of the girls really looked me over once or twice, but they should have known that was my job. Still it was very awkward and there was quite a rush once I got in and out without getting caught.

After that, I took a ride on the subway, going in nowhere in particular, simply wanting a little alone time. It's a nice city, especially at night. After helping some really obvious dork with knocking down a really obnoxious drunk that was harrassing a cute girl, I decided that this was my stop and left without saying a word- not like I can say something they'd understand anyways.

Everything else was uneventful that night and I feel like practicing this morning, maybe invite Hikaru along and ask her what she did with her evening.

-Razmus Edward Downe

(Hikaru's side of the story)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 55-58: The ending of masquerade

It's over. And I'm honestly glad because it was getting more and more difficult to pull off.

Sunday: I didn't get much sleep, even if I went to bed at a late hour and began to think on the roof. Fresh air did me good, I think. Suzuka came over, and ended up attached to my arm for the longest time until I remembered I could carry her with my arm strength alone, but she fell asleep. Then Hikaru disappeared for a brief second, beamed up by her grandfather in orbit, only to come back a second or two later in a better mood and a brand new crackerjack toy clamped to her wrist.

Suzuka soon left, and I decided to go visit an amusement park. Hadn't done so in sometime and my idea of patrolling was nixed. After being lost for 2 hours, I found the place and called over the others if they wished to join. Glen was doing who-knows-what and Hikaru decided for a full makeover. Sam and Hikaru ended up joining me. After Sam was busy crashing the wrestling show, and Hikaru joined me on a roller coaster (5 loops and two corkscrews. Not bad. Not good either.) she began to get sick so I found an excuse to give her some space after finding a park bench and found out a little later on that her new cheerful hyper disposition... which sort of reminded me of Milissa, except without the awkward puppy love stuff and after 5 bowls of Sugar Loaded Candy Crunch Loops, was infact some sort of reaction with her new arm brace.

Soon after, we headed back to her place where her grandfather helped explain her new penchant for skirts, not smoking and not stealing the Seattle skyline to put over her head. He had a few more surprises, one of which was that about in early november that alien race, the one he thinks I belong to, is coming right here. He calls them "Beast", and if he's honest about what they do, I don't think they deserve that label even if we can't really pronounce their name. After that, and me "letting out my feelings" on how jacked up a phalocentric orginization dressing up as tin bugs can justify genocide, we discussed about evidence I took at the Perseus base.

Just like that, I found myself in the gatekeeper base and began to scan through the files, setting the computer to do a full search on the pictures. After cleaning up the fridge, telling some monk who was looking for Jack that he's in japan and having instant ramen (leaving japan for cheap ramen for dinner. oh the sting of irony) I made a call with the Chief to touch base and see if our security system fell apart thanks to Monk infestation. I was the only one on the scanners the whole time, and he wanted to deliver something to me.
15 minutes later, he gave me a court summons.

I'm being sued.

By Swan.

I really needed the laugh when I got that. So if she can't rob innocent people's earnings or selfishly hurt others with her sonic powers, she instead comes after me financially since I took away the gift she has been abusing these past 25 years and not having enough money to hire hitmen. Some judge greenlighted the case, even though she was the mastermind of a bank robery, was making hostile actions at the time and I'm 16. Someone cut off the San Francisco Court's kool aid supply.

After that, I had a much needed nap, got the print out of the results, buried them with my communicator, and then left the base for a bus stop to leave for L.A. and then Phoenix. At the time, I felt I needed answers from my contact who assigned me to be here, to help form the Gatekeepers. I don't think there's anything wrong with not wishing about being a informational mushroom, but even after 3 days of it, there were no bites. I usually get messages when I deviate from outside my task... but I got nothing. When Hikaru teleported in the bus to Arizona (I wanted to investigate the vampire cats being sighted around there.) I had to tell her off, with quietly placing explanations about the methods of my contacts and my quantum leap impressions, hiding between the lines.
I honestly hope she was listening closely and not just picking up the "whine whine whine angst angst angst sob sniff" act.
I figure that would get my contact to reach me somehow, but...
no bites at all.
I figured I played my part well enough, "sharing my feelings" and being a little too touchy feely for my personal tastes on top of that telling off the only person I can consider my friend, kinda. But Silence is an answer in of itself, so I emailed Hikaru "Reel me back in, I got the information I needed." to have her Grandfather to teleport me back (No vampire kitties this time.) and in 10 minutes there I was back in Japan and got to relive most of Wed over again, which was the day of her father's memorial.

I had to wear a bland monkey suit (thankfully it had a normal noose, and not a bow tie) while Hikaru surprised the lot of us with some sort of fancy Japanese dress and she apparently never told the others about the contents of my discussion with her on the bus and then, we were wheeled right over to a large expo center in the middle of Tokyo for the memorial on her father's death 10 years ago. Problem with that was most of it was in moon languages and I couldn't get it, pretending that each speaker were giving cooking recipies. My role there was to just sit there, in case something exciting would happen. After Glen made a speech, a large unmarked cargo/troop transport flew over the stadium (Thank goodness. With all that whiny crap I was spouting and having to be quiet and silent while listening to people ramble in Japanese I really felt like getting some excersise.)

It ending up dumping Wild Rider and about 15 soldiers to crash the party. I felt the others could handle the creampuffs as I went after the main event- the cargo plane with many more soldiers and scratch-knows-what inside. I used my "charm" to get in through the cockpit and gain control with little resistance, except after one of the engines blew up (wish I could say that was my doing) it was hard to get it to crash into the bay, but after seeing a giant japanese superhero about to catch the plane, I decided to get out of there, quickly putting down anyone who may give the authorities a hard time when they got on the ground.

I landed right next to where I started, and Hikaru was right there in her new armor with a big V on her head helmet and looking less like a bug and more like a girl in crazy combat riding armor. So... I called her Victory Rider, and it seemed she was pleased with me coining the name, as she had the same idea in mind and then addressed the Japanese people, later telling me she was going back with us.

So here we get to the present. I'm trying to come up with a plan on how to make sure that Hikaru's mind isn't torn apart by this new armor, no matter how cool it seems. Then I have to prepare for my court date which is next tuesday. Life gets more and more interesting being with these people.

I have no intention of leaving just yet, as the best is still to come.
-Razmus Edward Downe

(Hikaru's side of the story)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 54c: The things I learn.

Today has been many things, except for boring. Tiring, exhausting, sick, exciting, painful... yeah.
Painful, strenous and taxing are the top 3 discriptors for today, as I lay on this mat.
Jack really has got to go. I'm sick of his crap and like Wash, I'm tired of waiting for the eventual denumount. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The tour went well, if having a groupie clamped on your arm for most of it. To her, I'm just a pretty trophy. But I guess I shouldn't talk. I had her around so I can practice my abilities to protect someone that isn't as "durable" as me. Spent some time at the arcades, but I was frustrated that I didn't find any good competition, but I managed to channel some of my energy into the crane machines- which I then used my winnings as an appropriate tip to my tour guide and kept a Asian Bug Flu Man plush as a gift for Hikaru. I was really impressed with all the different toy and game stores out here, but I didn't buy much.

Suzuka told me about Hikaru's little brother participating in a regional soccer tournament. It seemed more interesting than say... watching rigged wrestling so we headed back to Hikaru's to meet up with the others. I gave Shiny top a soft shammy for his Shiny top, which he soon gave right back after I told him the honest truth about his chosen occupation (American Wrestling IS fake. Does he think that every sporting event has a pre-written script to follow?)
and I talked with Hikaru about my observations on the other Rider, who she called "Wild Rider".
She seemed to suspect her little brother may be experimented on by Perseus- probibly under the ploy of getting a head start on being like his old man. I offered an idea to expose Ryo if he really was Wild Rider: Attacking the soccer match dressed up as a rubber monster.

She said she'd think about it, and soon after everyone, including Suzuka and Hikaru's grandfather, rode in the family van to the high school where it was held. Sam didn't want to have anything to do with me after I smashed his fragile world and sat on the opposite side of the group, saying something about "sitting where the hot chicks are". Once it was said and done, I was sitting on one side, next to Suzuka who hasn't yet discovered the wonders of personal space and Hikaru. Sam, was right between Jack and Hikaru's Grampa. Well, who am I to judge as long as he doesn't make a pass at me, right?

Hikaru discovered quicker than me that the referee was infact Wash, and during halftime a shimmer appeared at the corner of my eye. Glen talked to me and reminded me about the alleyway grab of Hikaru and how Pinnacle was able to nab her without me knowing- via Cloaking device. He then suggested that if could see in a different way, I should do so. Yeah, if I concentrate I can see things in a different light, but how the hell would he know that?

I never got the word from Hikaru about ruining the game in character, but this was halftime- one broken bottle of Ramune and a launched marble into the field later, I gave the audience
one helluva halftime show. Attacking the targets with a ballbat, they turned out to be robots. Exploding robots, as I soon found myself flying into the bleachers. Something came over me, and I felt like something covered me. My A-game became A+ and I tore apart those pesky robots pretty hard, turning the field into a craterfilled war zone. Wash entered the middle of the field and had his force field on. After all the robots were demolished, he began to talk to Sam, Hikaru and I for a "Q&A session"- We had no idea where Jack and Glenn were.

Wash, if our conversations represent his usual behavior, is a real motormouth. It really bugs me when people manage to beat me out on that habit. Yeah, I talk alot but this guy makes me look like a gregorian monk. He did some ranting, and made comments on Jack that were trying to get me to say something like "how did you know I wrote that?". It's a cheap trick, and one I didn't fall for.
Hikaru's words and actions, on the other hand, touched me.

She asked about her brother, telling Wash to stay away from him and Wash began to gloat, saying Ryo was already involved. Seeing her in that Ladybug suit, flying into a rage and hacking at the barrier pathetically with her sword made me really want to stomp that overmuscled beach bum badly. I got my wish and ended up inside the Shield, and I could now see Hikaru's eye pieces fog up and splattered with clear liquid from the inside. I quickly subdued Wash and held a large knife to his throat. He didn't care, he wouldn't listen and he thought I was bluffing to get him to stop and cough up what we wanted to know.

I wasn't bluffing.

It's weird, cutting a man's throat cleanly like that. All the giblets and blood just gush like a waterfall of crimson; the body went through impuslive shakes once the head was seperated.
I didn't feel remorse, not the way I did when Hikaru was kidnapped, not when I found out Avatar lost her unique gifts from Aphrodite's selfish actions and not when... I thought Milissa was seriously hurt. Here was a man who got what he deserved in full, the final nails in the coffin was screwing over a friend of mine and thinking I was one of those "no killing types". I don't care about wiping out an unsightly stain, but this stain wanted to stick around as he soon got back up, put his head back on and then countered some of my best dodges, and I flew back into the stands.

Things ended shortly after I got back, telling him I didn't take requests and prefer people to ask my permission before testing how and what I can do when it gets exciting. He acted like I just figured it out. I knew all along; it was the only reason to explain why they let Hikaru go without doing something to her a few months ago. I only liked running through the maze because the cheese wasn't that bad, now it was getting stale and didn't tell anyone before because it would kill the mood. He said he was now immortal thanks to Amalgam. I don't buy it. Infact nothing he said I believed for an instant, including a crack about knowing the location of my mother. His words were about as solid as a Slurpee in the sahara. He left soon after, and then Jack and Glen just HAPPENED to show up as I walked back to the van with my side impersonating niagra falls.

That's where Hikaru's grampa was, and for a guy wanting to kill me, he did some crazy mojo and fixed me up a bit. Maybe he's burying the hatchet somewhere other than my head? He also put Suzuka to sleep and carried her home while we took the van to an outpost of Perseus. After drive thru and 11 beef/shrimp/chicken bowls later (I was really hungry!) we eventually arrived on scene- the base had a large banner up in the front "WELCOME GATEKEEPERS!". Very cute.

I wanted to get the whole thing over with, but everyone else besides Hikaru wanted to poke and prod every damn thing around the base before we went into a side of a mountain. Hikaru, was just a big old sugarbowl of rage and anguish and just sat there, trying to keep herself in check. I don't know why I tried to cheer her up, telling her to focus on getting back her brother and I'd help her out everyway I could (I just killed for the cigarette sucker for crying out loud!) and not let the whole thing eat at her from the inside, but I did.
Once everyone was satisfied, we went through the tunnel and took the drive-thru window into the facility. There were plenty of documents scattered about- not surprising when Glen ran over some poor desks that were minding their business. Splat!
Glen was listed on one of these profiles, and we continued into another T intersection.
What's with Perseus and T intersection layouts, anyways?
This hall had a bunch of portraits, which I took plenty of pictures of, but only one was picked out:

Amalgam- Right next to the door that had a room with Wash AND Wild Rider. This is when things got interesting.

For all their planning and covert actions, Project Perseus must be short of ideas and really screwed the pooch when they hired Wash.
You see, when you openly provoke or mistreat an animal, it will get less and less cooperative and it will soon turn on you. Glen seemed to have the same feeling as me- he was sick of being led around in such a blatant fashion so we didn't play ball. We just mocked them. We didn't care what he wanted from us. We didn't give a rats ass about any dangling carrots, and they didn't do anything to us. They couldn't not if they wanted to keep their little science fair project rolling. Soon they left and I found where they kept Ryo, sound asleep and a man who we discovered to be the true Wild Rider. We went home soon after.

Gramps wanted to speak to all of us after beaming up Wild Rider to his ride, parked in orbit.
He said that Hikaru was the first girl to join their intergalactic cycle enthusiast club, and some of the high mucky mucks didn't like that. Rocking the boat, if you will. So she'll have to visit with them very soon. If she wants me there to help, I won't turn her down. Then he pointed at me and said "the enemy is coming in 6 months" which meant his stupid idea that I was a evil space alien. Jack was about 2 seconds away from me tearing him apart when Glen stuck up for me. For chuckles and to calm myself down, I decided to give the coot my picture of my parents...

He recognized Mom. Or someone like her. She was on a world 18 years ago that this group he's bunching me in with was attacking. This woman protected innocents, getting them to safety and even fighting off the real punks. He did her a favor by not shooting her (Gee, thanks. What a samaritan.) After his story, I decided to tell one of my favorite stories of my own in trade then I left.
So here I am, and I've been writing for an hour in the dark. I feel pretty numb about all of this, the only thing that keeps me going is the coming day. It can always get better, right?

Now that I think about it, if Mom really was on that planet, it could have been the same thing like how I was accepted into that vampire hive in florida- what happened in Dudley, Ma or considered "one of their own" by the Lone Wolves (for a group of crazy furballs on hawgs, they're pretty fun to hang out with.)
Bet Dad is also a pretty good infiltrator, too. Apples don't fall far from the trees I suppose.
All in All, the more I learn about my world, it seems the more I know about myself.

I have a big day tomorrow and this more than enough for tonight. We still have to get suits for the service coming up in a few days although I'll have to settle for a cheap nosebleeder seat.

-Razmus Edward Downe

((Hikaru's side of the story))

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 54b: Easy Riders

So Hikaru just got in a race with that other rider she told me about and who we saw the other night fly by when we left that trap in rubble and noisy klaxons. I have no idea who this joker is, but he has some fine tastes in motorcycles. It looked like that bike Megarider used to drive up the TOKYO tower in the comics (Hikaru corrected me on that.) 1000 cc, purred like a kitten on a quadripple shot of one of those froo-froo chino drinks at starbucks, and had what could be jet engines. I watched the race from the roof of a building in Akihabira, and it sounded like Hikaru got a bike to match. Lucky.

So then they stop at a bridge, and then the other guy starts to fight Hikaru, now in her lady bug outfit. News media was hovering about, which meant that I got a good look at the action and honestly, the guy was either really good at playing lame, or he left REALLY big mistakes in his stances and moves. They were powerful, but it was like watching a drunk rhino. Hikaru may have been in trouble if it was just her, but she fights radically different when she's in her Ladybug form. The new kid was no match. He just took off later, and that was that. I called her up 10 minutes, and she was back at her place, congratulating her on the fight.

The arcades here are nice. But either people avoid me, or I just straight out OWN them.
Must be jealous. I think I hear Suzuka coming again. I'm running out of excu-

((Hikaru's side of the story))

Day 54a: Between a conspiracy and a groping fangirl.

Okay, gotta make this quick.
Had too much to think about last night so... no writing then.

So yesterday evening went well. If walking into traps was a good thing.
That building Hikaru took us to was designed so that a retarded potato (or Jack) could navigate and wander right inside the snare. I honestly couldn't care, because I was in the mood to beat the crap out of something. So I let them think they were cute and clever. We were trapped in a force field and then tortured by listening to Wash, a musclebound dimwit and former associate to Shinytop, who look like he just walked out of "Thunder in Paradise" complete with a hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals.
Pinnacle was with him, but didn't say anything at all.

My theory was on the money, according to them- that day in San Fran with the chemicals was rigged, and Hikaru, Jack, Sam and I were all test subjects. I'm gathering that we met different critera-
Myself for testing if the compound worked on people who would eventually get powers down the line.
Hikaru for testing on those not having powers but carried the blueprints for it from a genetic history- an "unlocking" mechanisim if you will.
Sam for not having neither of those things. Maybe he was chosen as someone who could be used to present such things to the media in an entertaining light?
Jack... I guess to see if intellegence, likability or not being a mass murderer in the making isn't a factor. He just screams PLANT.

Glen, the amazing Whinenmoan... wasn't part of the equation, we were told. I don't buy most of what they said and the group they work for is notorious for disinformation. If it really was planned and expertly orchistrated, how could they let a great hero get into the mix? I must be losing my game if I didn't figure this out before. I don't think he's at the top of the food chain, still, it's just too convenient that such an epic ex-celeb happens to grace us with his presence, and then easily hands over control to the kids he viewed as "babysitting" after 6 weeks.
I'd like a little more evidence to this theory but it's still a large possibility that he could be the leak. The orginization knows more information on us than I'm happy with. They even said they knew about today's date with Suzy. So there was no way I could ditch out or part ways.

There was a fight afterwards, however like the trip to the underground complex was labeled "trap" this thing was clearly marked "test", complete with a fake robot Pinnacle who the 4 of us couldn't compete against (Glen just so happen to have been "knocked down" and then started running on the walls as Robo Pinnacle disappeared) Next time, I should make them remember that I don't play well with others.

Even though I trust Hikaru and how she answered my questions on if her grandfather had any effect on how she felt about me, I decided to see the town and be on my own for a while, spending the night at what could be considered to be a japanese style hostel for "backpackers".
I said it was because of her grandfather, but it was more that I can't trust Glen anymore. At least not yet.

I made it to Hikaru's place in time for the meeting with Suzuka, and she made a stuffed toy of me and placed it on her backpack. It was so cool! Then we went to the train, with her grasping on my arm the whole time through. Which wasn't so cool. Then it turns out Suzuka was faking her rough understanding of the english language and said she wanted to surprise Hikaru since she's transfering to Stanford. Oh man, I so need to kill this quick!

Gotta go! I'm hiding in an enclosed racing game at an arcade, but I think she can track me by my heat signature or somethi-

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 53- Japan: Land of the rising dumb.

June 5th-

Today's my first day in Japan, the first time I've really been out to the world abroad and I have to say that the place is incredible, and incredibly swarming with people.

The flight went okay, I managed to keep myself fairly amused on the plane and on top of that, I decided to talk to Hikaru about how I felt when I brought up her old man being a sell-out, as hearing about that her little brother's room reminded me of my father. He once told me one day that he enjoyed martial arts so much, it was the reason he married my mother. It's funny how I look back and see the lessons he gave me were one part father/son bonding, one part kung fu movie hokum (Yes, he made me do the "Snatch the pebble" bit) and two parts legitimate training. I told Hikaru that, and that my mom could probibly take my dad, myself and the entire team all the while she'd be doing the dishes or her gardening. (Interupting her watching cartoons with me would be practically fatal) Even showed her the picture I keep on me at all times of them. It was nice to know that she could understand that I was proud of my heritage, as I knew she was of hers.

Her family was rather nice and polite, especially her mother even after Hikaru scrapped my plan of not raising an eyebrow when it came to plotting our next move on Perseus. How many hints did I have to throw her that I really wasn't interested in her that way and fibbing to her mother was all a scheme (Hikaru's smoking really bothers my nose, She's too damn disconnected with the world around her like a giant rain cloud was over her 24-7 and I bet she tastes like an ashtray- A theory I'm not willing to put to the test.) So much for my quick studies in the japanese language coming to a fruitless, crashing halt in 20 seconds.

The lodging I'm staying in is a guest house owned by her family just across a small alleyway to the main house, and what's worse is that paperthin doors and my tollerance of Jack just doesn't mix. I slept well, in spite of incredibly screwy wake up times due to the time difference. In the morning, some of Hikaru's friends from her high school days decided to pay her a visit and I ended up entertaining the lot of them, language barrier firmly intact and one of them, a 19yr college girl by the name of Suzuka, likes me.

I mean REALLY likes me.

No, that isn't a good thing. She doesn't come on strong, she just plows on through and the look she gives me somehow reminded me of those old nature programs of how some female animals eat their mates. Still, she was Hikaru's friend and it seemed like she was trying to tell her about me, to get her to calm down. No dice, and she offered to show me around what seems to be the better part of Tokyo- Akihabira, where there's lots of comics and video games.
I accepted for tomorrow, and it seemed like everyone expected me to back out of the situation, but it sounded like fun and I need to work on my "bodyguard" skills if the moment presents itself.

No one else wanted to come with me- I'd also include Jack in that group, but I said no one, not nothing.

I spent the remainder of the time visiting a farmer's market, checking out the freakish produce like square oranges. Then once we came back to Hikaru's, her grandfather just popped in.
Literally popped in out of some sort of dimensional jump, and Sam learned a valuable lesson in the next minute:

"Never touch something that just came out of a teleportation gate, even if it's the bald head of a man in his 70s".
I bet he didn't know his wrists could bend like that before Gramps got through with him.

So Glen and Hikaru get to spend time with her grandfather and her mother in the kitchen, planning whatever they were planning while I was practicing my chops on my gamestar for the next day. I just got this funny look once the door opened from Hikaru's grandpa... I could feel it. It wasn't like the one Suzuka gave me, more of a look of murderous intent. At first I thought it was ye olde "Stay away from my virtuous granddaughter, you punk." reasoning... (Heh... Virtuous. I doubt it with her.)

It turns out that the Riders are some sort of self appointed space cops from a distant planet, and that they're at war with an evil galaxy conquering race- and he believes me to be of this race and on top of that, some sort of 5th collumn scout. I was told this by Hikaru after he left, and that if the circumstances were different, he'd have killed me on the spot. I panicked... coming up with some lame excuse of "where's my UFO?" and "I was born and raised on earth, same for my parents and theirs before them...", how could I tell the truth?

It wasn't the accusation that got to me, as I've been there before- called something and then shot at or attacked for being so different- Demons, Manitous, Ghouls, Vampires, Wraiths, Werewolves... even the descendant of Baba Yaga herself. Space alien is a new one, and by itself is rather amusing. It was more that my only friend I could count on may be believing that shuggothwaste herself. It's an outcome I have thought about- with her as my enemy (I have a contingincy plan for every other member of "The GateKeepers") but one I hope I never have to put into action, especially in a strange land where escape is nil, and my objectives are so close.
I really hope for Glen and Hikaru's sake that they stuck up for me behind closed doors, not just letting some extra from "Cocoon 3: The Revenge of Wilford Brimley" make a statement that he'd kill one of their teammates scot free because he's some bigshot galactic "hero".

Right now, we're on the train to a former location of Perseus. I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone right now, and only the thoughts of this lead getting exciting and getting some answers allowed me to even go with the others. I'm really beginning to wonder if I can trust them to any length, but that has yet to be seen. I'd rather see more evidence on this matter before making any further judgement.

That tour around town with Suzy is sounding quite inviting about now...


((Hikaru's side of the story))

Never lose hope...

Counter clockwise from the upper left- My father- Bastion, my mother- Rikemi and that little runt is me, just turning seven. We were on vacation when this picture was taken, and was at the location where I met a good deal of my extended family.
Not to say the last 3 years haven't had their deal of fun, but damnit, I miss my parents...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 52 - Things to do in Aesir, Co before I die of boredom

June 4th.

I sort of regret not writing in this journal, although a few of the reasons why I didn't have already been discussed, and my memory isn't that bad.

It's been over a month since my visit back to the location where I thought my 2nd home was.
A month since someone was kind (or ballsy) enough to leave behind the name "Perseus" at my feet, and my reality questioned.

Let's see how short I can make this to sum up a month hanging out in Colarado in the Attractive Tract Housing of Heroes known as Aegis:

Day 20- Most of that day's highlight was informing Glen of the findings Hikaru and I put together and that tie us in a weird coincidental chain. I knew it was a mistake, because the second we brought up the "Amalgam" theory, he gave us the full 4 color origins story of his current career. After that, we told him that this major problem should strictly between us as we don't have all the puzzle pieces, but he said if Sam asks, he'd disclose what we know. With that and having to listen to that old coot man detail how he couldn't get rid of his arch-rival, I swear I was so close to clawing the walls of that hotel room. Everyone else went "uniform shopping" after that. Glen made it voluntary, so I stayed behind. Almost wish he made it manditory. I had some good ideas to keep him from making me get in a uniform at all.

Day 38- Friday, May 21st This day was really odd. I've been getting used to a regimen of going to the foundation's gym, wandering around the city and almost every other day going to Denver at night to do some patrolling and trolling. I stopped in to a local bookstore since I forgot that stores get their new items on wed.
Nothing new, but I found a few graphic novels about the exploits of Hikaru's father. Mostly him performing wild stunts, giving heavy handed lessons and beating up exploding monsters. (I never understood why or how those monsters could explode.)

They were enjoyable, and one of my favorite moments in the story was how he drove straight up the Eifel tower (which for some reason was in Japan at the time- maybe on tour. They didn't explain.) on his modified Fenir motorcycle to launch himself to a monster chowing on downtown. Reading things like that really makes me want to go back to earning enough money, spending the time to get a really fantastic bike. Something that would make my old pack-brothers back in the Lone Wolves really be jealous of.

After that because the entire town was near empty (more on why it was below), I visited Hikaru with the books as a gift. She'd seen them before, in japanese but didn't know the series was translated to english. She then told me about how her little brother got every piece of Mega Rider merch from her father, and his room was caked with the stuff.

This is the part where I snapped at her, calling her father "a sell out". I guess it was more of jealousy, and a slight dawn on me that while I consider her to be like me in situation, she had more- she had a family she could go home to at any time and, I'm quite sure, friends.
I only have my talents, my identity, my memory and a old photograph of when my family went on vacation when I was 7. She really didn't do much about it, which I hope speaks more about our working attitude and respect than her "let's not say my opinion and pretend everything is fine" policy she usually puts into play. To be honest, I wouldn't mind an action figure of myself even if I have a bunch of life-size duplicates running around. At least I could approve the toys.

I should find a way to make it up to her.

Still it seems life has an amusing way to show you the definition of words, and this case the word was "Sell Out": Aphrodite, The hope and dreams of the american spirit (as the over marketed tagline goes) and "greatest hero", had a last minute visit today at Aegis, and at the Super Mentor Foundation. Even had a full parade and bright color fliers to throw in every bag in the book store.

Knowing what Glen told me about her, she was considered royalty- a princess through some silent nationwide gentleman's agreement. She also acted like it, not being anything but a pretty face who wouldn't participate in any action without a press crew in tow. I attended her rally with Hikaru mostly because we had nothing better to do and because I was hoping the event would turn out like how some NASCAR fans hope the event they go to has a really bitchin accident.

What got to me was that everything I could read off of her said that she not only was considered a goddess by the public at large but because she bought into it herself- She was entitled to all these things. Like she's better than everyone. I know I'm different, and could kick the crap out of almost anyone in a fair or dirty fight. But I know that Hikaru could easily run loops around me academic-wise. She's a college student in science, and the last grade I've completed is 9th.
Even when I met her and shook her hand (with mine soaked in itching powder) she seemed incredibly fake. The smile, the tone, the eyes... even how she tensed her hand reeked of contempt.
Back at you, sweetheart.

The itching powder was no good, but a few people down the row began to claw out their backs so it just had to do with her. Invulnerability just sucks for pranks. I had a tomato for launch, a classic, but Hikaru asked to reconsider. I stopped, maybe in part because I felt a little guilty about what I said earlier. I did so, and Sam (who was with us in line) had himself a healthy snack. Jack was the first in line, and it turned out was the biggest fan of Aphrodite ever.
I really thought I couldn't loathe that guy anymore, but he achieves the impossible. Once we got seated (front 2 rows, center) 5 minutes was all I could take of her on stage and the mindless pratling and idiotic fawning of the person who never saves the world without her make-up artists. That's when I just got fed up and screamed


I called it as I saw it- if you just sell your body to a nation of several hundred million people, either you caused that huge double trillion debt to occur on your lonesome, or you're a prostitute with the best group discount imaginable.
I got some pretty great reaction shots from that comment, and her security team was looking for an excuse to kill me in broad daylight while cursing the 1st ammendment even existing.

Glen even got to go on stage, and it looked like they were all smiles but shared the same friendly relationship the mongoose and the cobra have towards one another.
After the show, it looks like everyone (except Jack, who's just a whole new level of stupid) got to see her how I knew she was underneath that pretty smile she puts up for the cameras: A self centered living barbie doll with enough power to level a city. Turns out when she lived in the building where I'm staying at now, she belonged to the "Watchmen", and was the cause of one of her teammates becoming handicapped for life.

The Watchmen were doing battle with some joke named "Mechamaster" (or something like that) and they were attacked by robots. One of the robots was a suicide bomber bot with a power sapper. Aphrodite decided to knock over Mechamaster, and not get rid of the sapper sapper like she should have. This caused the Watchman codenamed "Avatar" to perminately lose her identity. The team soon colapsed after. Glen is good friends with her, and the man that would become her husband.

And people wonder why I prefer to work alone.

Honestly, blackmail may be the best way to get rid of Aphrodite... and if luck would have it, she didn't bother to clean her closets. If there's one thing I know people love to do more than prop up heroes to worship, it's to tear them down until there's nothing left faster than you can say "Made-for-tv-movie"

Day 48- Speaking of working alone, I've been keeping busy by traveling to local cities and working over the local criminal elements. It's rather humorous to read the name some of the papers dub my blurry photos and lame eye-witness accounts: The Denver Demon. Those articles on the "creature" are so getting earmarked for the scrapbook.

Also I took the time to figure out where my fake I.D. came from, which was a "gift" from the Sherrif of the town that doesn't exist. Looks like it was issued in Colorado Springs, Co - Right next to several air force bases and everyone's favorite government base this side of Area 51: NORAD. I'm going to get the answers behind this all, even if it means I have to live-out those stealth action games that are all the rage. Hiding in boxes is not what I call a "good time".

So, that's pretty much it and today's the day I take off with everyone else on a long 13 hour flight to Japan. I have no idea what will happen there, but maybe after that my job will be completed with some answers to take home... I can at least hope for that.

- Razmus Edward Downe

((Hikaru's side of the story))

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 19b- The plot sickens

So much to write from this afternoon/evening's investigation-

I really miss hitchhiking. You meet alot of interesting people and get to know about places and things you normaly wouldn't visit or see. I used to do that often, before private jet rides given by a large orginization and before having enough money for a bus ticket. Turns out anyone I talked to while getting to Falling Hills never heard of it at all. I'm not surprised...
It's just an empty field- even though I can imagine everything back to normal. Where the mall was, where the schools and fairgrounds were, where my house was... my room.

The final nail of this puzzle was slammed down by a contact confirming every other bit of info that was being hinted at-
  1. Falling Hills, Co never existed and more importantly...
  2. I was never there.

Just 5 miles from the main "entrance" to the "town" was a small government facility. It looked like just one of those small barely manned weather stations up close. It looked abandoned. Past experience has taught me well nothing is abandoned.

The symbols on the front door were interesting, a european style sword- double edged and pointed upwards with two snakes intertwined, their fangs beared outside to both the right and left.This was the symbol of "Perseus." If only they spent more time on their security and locks than logo design... I popped through the gate and the door like it was the plot of child's play 4.

Inside was a small lobby, complete with receptionist desk and a panic button underneath. I was really curious to what an alarm would do in an abandoned facility, but since nothing is really abandoned, I doubted it would start super-happy-fun-slide. (Would have been nice considering my lousy luck.) The elevator next to the desk only had two buttons- S for Surface and B1.

Getting into the facility proper was easy, and it was unoccupied. large empty see-through canisters lined the walls, like human sized bug jars. One of them was smashed, from whatever was inside it due to the glass on the sticky floor below it. In the center was a really dead specimen- a bone white skeleton.

This is all sorts of weird since if the jar was air tight, the body would be preserved to some degree for a long time - the magic of tubberware in action. But if it wasn't, bugs and other critters would have been making their home in the body, but the place was clean of all life, which means that there was some serious artificial decay in some manner or another.

This is when I caught the T intersection and took a left. At the end of the hall of jars, there was still one speci- I can't really call him that. One person, A bootleg like the one I killed at SFO yesterday except his hair was a dark green and short in the back, floating in what looked to be some sort of Saline compound. Power was still operational all around, and this went double for the bootleg's life support. Next to this casing was an office, exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, it couldn't offer me much. It looked like the aftermath of a Gwar concert at a Gymboree, with blood splattered around, computers destroyed, burnt documents and a very large pile of that black gunk in one corner of the room. I did manage to find a collection of papers that escaped the carnage and gathered them up. This is when I got "a message" in my head... I asked their name, and he didn't know. He was alone, and scared and heard me. It was the bootleg outside, he woke up and looked at me as I walked out of the room.

I suppose what happened then was because I agreed with the answer he gave me to "why did they leave you here?"

"I told them No."

That had to earn some stars in my book... so I let him out thinking there could be something we might do together, or there may be a few answers. Instead he died on me 2 minutes later and disolved into that black goo... all over my duster, gloves (I wasn't stupid to leave prints) shirt and pants. It's true what they say: No good deed goes unpunished.

I left the facility soon after I cleaned up a little and got a sample of "Green", this time in a clean specimen jar. He deserved that much, especially after I felt much better once I got in the elevator again... like a huge weight has been lifted.

I guess "Green" did return the favor somehow... and I'm cured for the time being. Felt so good, I decided to walk back the 50 something miles back to the hotel, until Glen and the others found me with the help of our tour guide from that orginization.

Man, they are incredibly slow to pick up a note and follow a simple clue of a Bat falling off a hill.
I attached a "Don't Follow" comment specifically so they would. Glen is incredibly predictable.

I ended up sitting next to Hikaru on the ride back, and gave her the files I found at the office- I had no idea she was familiar with Perseus, but I covered up the discovery with a good old fashioned game of "Jinx" so it looked like "the kids in the back were just playing" to everyone else.

When we got back at the hotel, I decided that Hikaru and I needed to talk about what we knew about everything we could possibly connect to Perseus. Seems they were the reason she came to the US to begin with, what with them wanting to harness her father's megabrace for Military purposes. She knows everything... or most of everything of my so called life in Falling Hills, except I decided to leave out that my first crush was there.

Honestly, it seems someone doesn't mind us knowing about their interference to our lives- an obvious "finish line" of a "hidden" research center and an immediately given student visa that wasn't requested. We both agreed to let Glen in on our research, but one thing I did keep to myself was the idea of using Shinytop as bait.

He still has that 3rd helix, and Perseus will skim over the both of us for an "example of a successful transfer". I don't really hate Sam that much to give him to some group that decided to steal my heritage and my family legacy, but I couldn't imagine what wouldn't be sweeter to them.

Lastly, she invited me to accompany her to Japan in less than two months for her father's 10 year memorial. While it is nice to be invited to come visit a person's home and place of origin, it solves what one of my informants said about her- Something very crucial and important will happen to her during that event, and it may be up to me to make sure things turn out alright. That, and we both want to pay Perseus a visit... two of those Bootleg me's are right in her hometown. I left soon after, telling her to call me "Razmus". I think I do have someone I can really count on in this team, and she knows the same (I hope.)

I've been through alot, but I feel more and more like my old self... I just have too much energy so I'm going to go explore Aegis in the middle of the night. Nothing wrong with enjoying Rome before it burns.

-Razmus Edward Downe

((Hikaru's side of the story))

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 19- In Progress

I'm right now in the hotel lobby in that town I mentioned yesterday located in Colorado, an hour away from Denver, and I'll keep this entry brief.

I'm now completely handicapped. My eyesight, hearing, touch, taste is all deminished with the feeling of being very weak and unresponsive. I know exactly why-

Yesterday, Sam Novak decided to take a little goodie from my fight, the black goo and put it in his jean pockets. Sam is the resident psychic wrestler (glad to know there's a calling for that kind of thing) and it seems the interaction between him and the gunk, which had some relation to me, had turned him into a sponge. I didn't feel a thing, maybe done through my sleep, but it began to alter and steal elements in my DNA, replacing it with weaker level sequences of the same type.

In the end, he now has a Triple Helix sequence in his DNA. Nothing else in the world has such a thing and me, I get to be "normal" except I'm not. I'm weaker than I've ever been in my life.
That's not normal and I'm about ready to punch the next guy who suggests it is.

Since we were at a big training facility today, we were able to get the news quickly, but not before they put him under (he was incredibly sick) and his pesky subconscious kept spawning more "Water Nymphs" until it infested the medical wing of the compound.

That's when it got really ugly and I didn't know what was worse- the fact that Hikaru tried to stop me from going into the building due to pity on my current condition, the fact that she succeeded, or that for the most part I was in the sidelines watching others beat up twisted subconscious creations of a man who makes a living by stradling and pressing against other sweaty guys in scripted "fights".

We recovered Sam, and did some convincing to help get him to co-operate with bringing back to non-world smashing levels with his water skills. Still, all those egg head researchers in that over-glorfied clubhouse have no idea how to reverse the process or any clue on what I'm going through.

What does this mean?
It means I'm not going to have anything to do with the group at this time. I'm not going to be the designated victim or a pity case. That will just get people killed on top of having to deal with a bunch of jackasses with capes telling me a "non-powered" person should leave those tasks to them alone.

I'm taking off. It's about an hour's car ride to where I remember Falling Hills, Co used to be before it disappeared. I might find some clues there, and it sure beats sitting on my butt if I find out I only have a little bit of time left to live. I'm beginning to get a cough and to be honest, I really hope all my research the other day on the town was a big joke. It's funny that this casebook was started by a person who may not exist at all... Not very ha ha funny though.

My ride's here, so I'll leave until I get an idea on what's happening.


((Hikaru's side of the story))

Saturday, May 06, 2006

18c: shadowplays & aftermaths

Things went well.
Ah... screw it. Things went much better than I hoped with the situation.

Turns out my first hunch was correct (Thanks Emily, if you're out there.) and the bastard was at the airport tarmac. It didn't take me too long to find a way outside from the airport proper (It seems they have the extra security up just to keep people away from the Chili's inside the passenger area.) and meet the person who wanted to meet me.


That's not completely true. He looked like me, he kinda dressed like me, but he didn't have my smile and was lacking seriously in manners and a good sense of humor. He said he knew me. He said what I allow most people to call me: "Raz" as his and my name.
He said he wanted to take me back home and the "rest were waiting for me". I told him I was home both verbally and a right cross followed by a scissor kick to his chin. Just my luck he could take a couple dozen blows to the head like it was nothing.

Sure enough, the others came just after the thing decided to threaten others and cause a bigger ruckus, throwing a luggage truck telekenetically into a large window at the passenger area.
Jack, Sam and Hikaru couldn't seem to do anything thanks to what I learned later to be some kind of barrier and to make matters worse, the police would soon be there. The media showed up about that time. Nothing I threw at the thing would get it to stop, and it was pushing the others into the large fence - which I think they'll overlook that point when they ask me why I left alone.

I was desperate, and it felt like anything I could do (not even the Moe Poke), it could take and my "co-workers" were no help. It almost grabbed me, and for some reason I thought back to the strange vagabond I met on the BART getting to the airport. He made a comment about how I looked like a nervous wreck (yeah) and that I shouldn't be too worried, because things will turn out fine.

Hearing those words again helped me put two and two together- It couldn't be me because here was this pathetic knockoff doing a horrible Bela Lugosi on me and I got too worked up over that chestnut about how I shouldn't rely on any one thing, I was going beyond that- I wasn't trusting myself. Over-realiance on one aspect is one thing, but I almost bought it because I was afraid to trust in anything about who I am. He called himself and myself "Raz"... that alone shows he didn't know anything.

He also didn't know nothing when he had a funny look of "Oh crap, it's not working".
Oh and he also really didn't know anything when I cut his head off.
Of course, he kept rasping outloud about "SUFFER" even after he turned into a black puddle of goo. What a little whiny drama queen...

I did feel a little bad about the events that happened during this situation... Hikaru did a public transformation into that bug armor thing, and I know she used to do that in secret or hide herself... but she did that, to help take out that problem. Also it's official... The company name is the GateKeepers. Glen quickly got us registered thanks to the SWAT teams, Feds, Airport security, several thousands of tourists and every local two-bit media hound watching the show. I have a funny feeling that the meeting spot may have been picked specifically for this outcome. Why create a company like this in this fashion? That's the big stumbling block I have right now with that theory.

When I think about today's situation, I do have a bit more consideration with Glen and slightly with Hikaru. Glen could have quickly locked me up during this fiasco and so could have Hikaru. Jack is just a step above the cast of "Quest for Fire" on the road to MENSA membership so I didn't have much worries outside of the usual about him. This kind of thing isn't Sam's bag... he's what you could call a "Simple" guy. I hope the hazmat and CDC teams clears him soon after he picked up a bunch of that black gunk the knockoff left behind.

Tomorrow, we might be going to Aegis,Co. It's a city populated almost entirely of "metahumans" and honestly, I think I don't want to have any part in that place. I avoided it when I passed by it a few years ago because exclusionary communities really suck. It becomes "us" and "them" and I don't want any part of being dragged into their classifications. I'm human, that's all there is to it.

One and only,
Razmus Edward Downe :)

((Hikaru's side of the story))

Day 18b

This is really freaky.

I'm not myself today. I can't seem to function normally, and my body doesn't want to respond the way I want it to.

10 minutes ago, I left the others back at the office after trying to figure out how to get to the hospital to talk to the girl. Instead I got a message personally from the assialant. It was coming from all sides, and to be honest, none. It was a psychic projection as it kept saying "SUFFER" and "COME BACK". After it got tired of repeating itself, it gave me a hint: MEET AT THE STRAIGHT LINE.

There are a few big straight lines in the local bay area-
Golden Gate bridge
Several portions nearby of highway 101.
Flightstrips of SFO.
Bay bridge.

the bay bridge, to my knowledge, isn't open for pedestrians and highway 101 is a little busy at 5pm for a meeting.
Since it's close by, I think I'll visit the airport. I know now why my parents told me not to be reliant on any one thing, and it seems I can't trust the reliability of even my own body. I'd be stupid to say I'm not a little scared at what may happen, but against my best judgement, I left behind some messages at the office in case I'm in trouble or I had a hand it what happened.

Here goes everything...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 18

May 1st.

This morning, I recieved a case. More like was launched from a battleship cannon with how much subtlety it presented itself.

The jist is that a middle-aged couple were attacked and savagely beaten in front of a local grocery store at 10:00 pm yesterday evening before the assailant decided to hold a one man mosh pit in the store proper. Everything was torn apart.

30 minutes later, a few blocks down from where the attack took place, two parents in their mid-late 40s were attacked in their home. Their young daughter was forced to watch the attack, and then the perpetrator left a message in the living room and the child's bedroom by treating the family dog like a bottle of finger paint at a color blind spastic kindergartner's arts and craft class.
"Suffer" in the living room, "Love" in the girl's bedroom.

The worse thing is every bit of evidence I find spells out something rather grim:
The video tapes at the Supermarket show the suspect about 5'6-5'8 and his fight style is rather quick and aggressive. Incredibly powerful. Wearing a dark overcoat and long hair, tied long in the back.
Blood from one of the victim's attempts at fighting back, a scrape, has given police a real large clue from prelim tests and it's the worst thing I could hope for-

I'm the top on the list and not because of the blood work or the handsome devil in the security tapes.
I DO have a scrape on my right arm that I noticed when I woke up this morning and I DID go to the supermarket, except it was at 5pm, not 10. I went out to clear my mind from finding out one year of my life was a lie and I needed to walk it off from 8 to 11. But there's no way I could have done either of those attacks.
Someone's gone to a lot of trouble to get my attention- I don't think it was to directly frame me or due to my research into the D.Klien incidents (Note to self-Still have a few more pieces to put together with that one, he's been on my ass even though I just got out of the hospital.)

I know for a fact that trusting the others is a no-go. I'm probibly going to be thrown in a room faster than you can say "the incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed up zombies", watch how I tick, have the police pick me up and wait until the criminal decides I need another notice. After I write this, I'm out of here and going to conduct my investigation alone- Maybe visit the girl who witnessed the attack? May be my best chance.

It's all too complicated and way too quick so I'm ending here. I'll write some more once things turn up.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 17- Tired of resting

I haven't been writing for a while- I've been keeping myself busy during my hospital stay lest I'd go stir crazy.
At first, when I wasn't lying in my room, watching DVDs of action and comedy movies, I'd spend time with an vet of Operation: Desert Storm who had a penchant for customising cars before and even after his legs were blown off. He came in for some sort of surgery or another, but one thing led to another, and we ended up customising and tweaking out our wheelchairs with what we could get our hands on at the hospital (he had the idea first, so Collin fairly gets the credit) until he went home.

The remainder I spent some free time doing some detective work for a couple of little kids in the childrens ward, John and Sara. Since I posted up my "Open for Business" sign, they talked to me about how there were some scary monsters underneath their bed and in the closets, and how the nurses blew them off. It didn't seem right- John, 5, (don't call him Johnny) just had his mother and only came inbetween her two jobs, and Sara, 6, was there for an important procedure while her family was waiting for her in L.A.. So I took the case, and I think it turned out real well... Sara stops shivering, but the Killjoy nurses seemed to give me worse looks than what Glen or Hikaru give me when I dolloped myself in RAGU as "the monster got me" and I slid under their beds. I ended up giving them my custom wheelchair when I was set to be picked up and gave them my e-mail address so they can keep in touch.

Before that, I had a little free time, so I decided to give my foster mother back in Co. a phone call... to let her know I was doing okay, maybe get some guidence on the rather complicated mess I ended up being tangled in. Problem was, the phone line was disconnected, the sherriff office was jammed, and the police station the next town over never heard of her, OR Falling Hills, Co. I held off on any further research, until I got back at the base- my home for all intents and purposes.

Glen got the short straw- and had to pick me up as Sam was busy with court issues, Hikaru was perfecting her industrial smokestack impression and Jack was occupied with being hit by semi- trucks. (not really, but one can dream) We had lunch at a diner as we talked (and he lectured) about my role in the Swan case, and he admitted that the team liked and trusted Jack better than me. Right then, I felt like the hot rodding teen in those bad '50s movies who tries to warn everyone of the impending giant monster doom that's wearing a turtleneck and visible zippers. (hint: IT NEVER WORKS)

Both of us ended up talking on the ride home about our heroes, and why we do what we do (I almost brought up Sherriff Hartley, both on that topic and what I discovered, but decided against it.) and then I explained that sometimes, people don't need a reason to hate you as the two bullets I carried on my person helped make my case and explained why he shouldn't expect me being around much longer.

When we got back, I quickly went onto the computer networks to find...
No record of Emily Hartley.
No record of Milissa Daniels and her family.
No record of the town of Falling Hills at all.
Satilite pictures show there's nothing there.

Finding out that a town you spent one of your better years of your life vanished without a trace along with the people you knew cared about you isn't a pleasant experience.
To top it off, Hikaru finally decided to break her vow of silence and "have a talk" just when I was leaving to clear my head.

I don't know what she expected out of beating a dead horse with the Swan issue and I nearly blew up at her, instead deflecting her argument back at her and explained that all the powers in the world doesn't mean jack if you don't have the will to use it at the right time. Most of my counter argument about not regretting the past wasn't really for her, but for me. I don't care if she thought of it as me not "copping to my crimes", it just frankly needed to be said.
I was almost out the door when she said that she didn't hate me and thought I was smart(with the barb of "when I want to be"). I guess I felt some relief, and returned the compliment. She wants to resume our daily sparring matches, so how could I refuse?

I wasn't sure what I should believe in or who to trust, but at least for the moment, I know I have a friend in the group. Kinda.


((Hikaru's side of the story))

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 11- 12:10am

So here I am again. Alone.

Sam gave me a little "get-well gift"- a stuffed elephant wearing big trunks. It was obvious he was trying to get my goat, but I made certain that if it wasn't given in good humor, it wasn't winning any points on the "Who doesn't get beat up by Razmus today?" chart.

Hikaru could barely look at me, and she knowingly looked away everytime I looked at her. She didn't say anything, although she at least replied to me when I told her "Thank You", except she said "What about?"
I guess it didn't mean that much. It didn't hurt to have any kind of sparring partner, and practicing with dummies (or Jack, same difference) isn't the same as another person.

Glen however, I felt, deserved some consideration... for as much as he can be a whiny old fart, there's some good in him left. I told him about the photos I took in Swan's apartment, alone. It was his problem to deal with and I couldn't in good conscience, especially if he has family he didn't know about already. I kept my word, sent the pictures and destroyed them.

I'm thinking about giving my "second mother" a call sometime today... lots of things to ask, like should I bother with my identity? (the press hasn't released pictures or even know what I look like yet.) and to see how she's doing and to tell Milissa that "Raspberry is doing fine" . I'd like to go back there sometime, but I have to stay here for at least 2 more months.

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops.

((Hikaru's side of the story))

10b- When it rains

So it looks like I was wrong on the nurse thing.

Instead, Glen, Hikaru, Sam and the other guy decided to finally show up. Except they weren't there to really wish me well or see how I was doing. Instead it was an ultimatum given by an appologetic Glen:
Create a team, and gain local government support, special programs and avoid getting in trouble.

Against all better judgement, I said yes. I had to, no matter how much I don't like the idea of "being recognized" in order to do good works. Regardless of what is asked of me, they can forget it if they make me fill out some damn license.
On the otherhand, the idea of a mentorship and maybe getting a better handle of what I can do does seem at least a little appealing.

But why did they let Jack join or even include him in the mix?

The name had yet to be decided, but currently it's a toss up between three names:

Whatever they end up calling themselves, there better not be a dress code.

Day 10a- A brief question

There are several questions that bother me about the whole spill incident:
  1. If whatever sprayed us "changed" us, why hasn't it affected Glen already? As for me, it made me grow a little, so why not him?
  2. What if the chemical was inert? That is, a catylist had to be in play for it to work- In this case, it would once again fall on Glen. That's scary in its own right.
  3. What if there were others that weren't found or ran away before the police got there?
Every day seems to bring more questions and if I'm not mistaken, there's a whole gaggle of nurses coming to my room, how much Jello and Sandwiches did they bring me this time?

Monday, April 10, 2006

((Brief Message from the author))

((Hello, I hope everyone who's reading this story blog is enjoying the show, and it's slowly becoming a habit I can grow accustomed to and thank you if you've returned again after the first time to read Razmus' journal. I wanted to inform you of a fellow player involved in the story who takes up the role of Hikaru, Raz's "co-worker" also has a first person account told from her eyes. As a courtesy, any and all related posts done in character will have a link to the appropriate supplementing post "written" by Hikaru.
Just click the link marked "Hikaru's side of the story" at the bottom of the post.
Also that author has some nice discussions on the state of traditional RPGs in case you're curious.

Thank you for reading.))

Day 6-10: Seeing the Elephant

When you do something for a while and it becomes a habit, it's nice to come back to it after unforseen circumstances came about the day after we resolved (currently) that entire Pinnacle issue. Even when I write to myself "Unforseen Circumstances" sounds way too clean, like misplacing a coupon or miscounting money in your wallet.

That day was the day I knew something was wrong with me, and now I'm in the hospital because of it. I got torn apart because of it.

The day went rather well, Hikaru is shaping out nicely as far as our training goes... except she has to know when to let the moment take her, and also work on her defensive measures. Midway through the training and sparring, I asked that we play another game of "tag" with her being "it" in full armor. It's nice to know when you're right about a hunch... the armor seems to do all the fighting for her, pre-packaged if you will. Gave me a rather good workout but still I felt a little unsatisfied at 10 minutes due to the predictability and since she wanted a damn smoking break. Sometimes I wonder how I can endure that smoke and that aroma she has around her like a halo... she reeks, bad. Focusing on something else does help.

So just a little later she takes off for who knows what, and gives us a phone call. Since I was busy with Glen discussing the matter of the van, "Smiling" Jack picked up the phone and said something about Hikaru at the Zoo. She was actually in a bank and what I later discovered, there was a giant Elephant MAN robbing it. This guy was a binking idiot and I decided to hang back and not get noticed to have the element of surprise when it was deemed appropriate.
Glen was on good terms with this chump, and I will admit I was curious about how this would turn out so I just hid and watched.

I kept doing so even when they were on the move to visit the "nice old lady with the nice voice" he was "borrowing money" for. Figured it must be another high priced Golden Girls collectors set out before mentioning about her supporting her kids. With enough brief data on hand, that was my ticket in.

We all arrived at the rundown "penthouse" of Swan on an appartment complex 18 stories up, with myself taking the external express entrance that lead right to her bed room.

Swan was this big name supervillian who was in showbiz before her powers, a really deadly set of vocal cords came into play and felt that her lifestyle shouldn't change because of such an issue. That I can admire, but not when it comes to robbing banks, melting brains and controlling them while having some sad attempt at looking and living in "luxury". She looked pretty good in the portaits in her room, but time has not been kind. Just imagine Liz Taylor with less money, no crappy perfume lines and a bigger ego.

There were only two things of note in the room before I was ready to head into the main foyer-
Glen and Swan robbed banks together as was seen in a photograph on the nightstand (Big hint on the mind control thing... He'd sponsor overpriced merchandise, but outright theft? Please. Still a funny sight.)

Also on the nightstand there was a picture about how Swan had a kid about 10-15 years ago. With the photo right next to the one with Glen, chances are likely he's the baby daddy. It can be pretty scary when I think about it- a really fast teenager who's whining will cause glass and bone to shatter. Chip off the old block, I'd say.

This was the time I brought my plan into action- pretend to be Swan's kid and piss off Babar so he'd knock the tea-bag's tag off. Things were going rather well. Everyone was confused at the display, Jumbo was buying the "evil kid paying off the freaky animal guy in peanuts" routine.

Then Swan decided to belt out one of her screeches, and knocked almost everyone down (I know Hikaru wasn't affected) and at the time I was very close to the raisin in the evening gown. So plan A didn't work too well but they were still well, and I didn't have faith she'd keep the kid gloves on. I then arrived to the best possible choice at the time before it turned to her favor:

I disarmed the bat.

I made a hard left straight directly at her throat. I didn't want to kill her, but I didn't want the building to collapse on my head or discover she could use sub-sonics first hand. It worked a little too well and she flew out the window. This is when things were beginning to go rotten.

Out the window with 18 stories between the building top and the street. Hikaru made good on backup support, and I'm glad that she's reacting quickly. All was left was Mr. Peanut and he was pissed and everything went wrong.

Everything went black, only recalling falling while cursing out Dumbo and not much else.

Woke up in the afternoon yesterday, a friday, and found out I was asleep for 3 days. Full body casts really blow. So here I am, in the hospital on a saturday afternoon and it was only a few hours before they fixed my cast since my arms are in working order.

  • Some of my belongings are here along with some flowers, card unsigned.
  • I can watch movies once in a while here. I really can't stand that Passions show.
  • No one has visited me yet. Figures.
  • I only learned I didn't kill Jessica Tandy from a newspaper.
  • Lastly, I have a really big appetite along with two broken ribs.

It didn't take me this long when I had to leave my home last year. Left my adoptive mother Sherriff Emily Hartley and Melissa with not much of a goodbye. Two silver bullets lodged in my back and abdomen was the "Unforseen Circumstance" that night I was getting groceries, and had to settle for a letter 2 days later when my body decided to spit them out 10 half pound burgers later. There was something nice that I miss about having a friend my age with Missiler. I know I can't call and worry them. Emily has a town to watch over, and doesn't need my mangy butt getting in the way of her work. Why am I even writing this?

In a nutshell, the whole week is shot and all because of that damn accident last week. I don't think I could avoided this visit if I didn't have to deal with the spill when I got to SF. I KNOW I could have prevented it, and what I have feels like one of those sampler meals, a brief taste but not much else, lacking most of its potential.

I wonder if a caterpiller feels frustrated when it can't form a crysalis when it should?
Ugh... now I'm getting poetic. These drugs are getting to me. I hope I get out of here soon, thanks in part to the dime-o-dozen dark cults that happen to staff many hospital institutions.

((Hikaru's side of the story))